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Know about Nepalese New Year

In 2081, while most of the world follows the 2024 calendar, Nepal celebrates New Year differently. We call it "Nepali Nava Varsha". This New Year has been celebrated for a long time. A long time ago, a person named Shankhadhar Sakhwa made Nepal Sambat, a different kind of calendar. But Nepal has many different kinds of people with different traditions. For example, the Newar people celebrate Nepal Sambat, and the Chaudhary people celebrate their New Year on a different day. Other groups like the Tharu, Tamang, and Gurung have their own special New Year celebrations too. Even though we have different ways of celebrating, we all come together as one Nepalese family during New Year.

Nepal's New Year happens in April, which we call Baishak. This is when spring begins, and the weather gets warmer. Flowers start to bloom, and everything feels fresh and new. It's a happy time for everyone. People decorate their homes with bright colors, have parades with music and dancing, and gather with family and friends to eat tasty food and wish each other well. This time of year is special because it reminds us to appreciate our history and culture while looking forward to a bright future together. So, as we celebrate Nepali New Year in Baishak, we celebrate the beauty of our country and the unity of its people.

With the arrival of Nepalese New Year, our country is filled with joy and excitement, and we invite people from all corners of the globe to join us in celebrating this special occasion. "Athithi Devo Bhava," meaning "Guests are like gods," reflects our tradition of hospitality, where visitors are treated with utmost respect and care.

Nepal is a beautiful country in the big mountains called the Himalayas. It has amazing views, old traditions, and friendly people. Every year, we celebrate our New Year with lots of fun and special customs. We decorate our streets, play traditional music, and create a magical feeling for everyone.You can explore ancient temples in Kathmandu, walk in the mountains, or enjoy our colorful celebrations. Nepal is a place where you'll have unforgettable experiences. So, come and celebrate with us! Let's have fun, make memories, and spread peace and happiness to everyone.


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