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The Significance of Dashain and Tihar

Nestled against the majestic backdrop of the Himalayas, Hotel Annapurna View welcomes guests from around the world to experience the vibrant tapestry of Nepalese culture. As autumn unfolds its colorful palette, Nepal comes alive with the joyous celebrations of Dashain and Tihar, two of the most significant festivals deeply rooted in the country's ancient traditions.

Dashain, the longest and most auspicious festival in Nepal, symbolizes the victory of the goddess

Durga over the demon Mahishasura. It spans 15 days and concludes with the celebration of Vijaya

Dashami, marking the triumph of good over evil. Families come together to receive tika (a mixture of yogurt, rice, and vermillion) and jamara (barley seeds sprouted in a mix of yogurt and red soil) from their elders, fostering love and respect.

Tihar, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a five-day celebration that honors various animals and Hindu deities. Each day is dedicated to a different being, including crows, dogs, cows, the goddess of wealth, Laxmi and Brothers. The lighting of diyas (oil lamps), colorful rangoli decorations, and the exchange of blessings create a magical atmosphere.

Ancient Roots and Timeless Traditions:

These festivals are deeply rooted in Nepalese history, dating back to ancient times when the kings of Nepal performed elaborate rituals to seek the blessings of goddess Durga for victory in battle. Over the years, these rituals evolved into the family-centric celebrations we see today. Dashain and Tihar hold immense cultural importance, emphasizing the values of family, community, and the triumph of good over evil.

Celebrate with Us:

Immerse yourself in the joy and warmth of Dashain and Tihar by celebrating with us at Hotel Annapurna View. Our specially curated festival packages offer a unique opportunity to witness in the cultural richness of Nepal. Indulge in festive feasts, witness traditional vibes all over, and experience the genuine hospitality that defines Nepalese celebrations.

Join the HAV Family:

At Hotel Annapurna View, we believe in creating unforgettable moments for our guests. Join our

HAV family during the festive season, and let us be your home away from home. Whether

you're a Nepalese guest eager to relive the cherished traditions of your homeland or a foreign visitor seeking an authentic cultural experience, trying authentic nepalese dishes as our doors are open wide.


Dashain and Tihar are more than just festivals; they are a reflection of Nepal's rich cultural heritage and the enduring spirit of its people. Come, be a part of these celebrations at Hotel Annapurna View, where tradition meets modern comfort, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the warmth of Nepalese hospitality and make this festive season truly special with us.


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