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Hotel Rules and Policies


Hotel rules and management policies are agreements between the guests and the hotel. Hotel rules and policies help you to streamline administrative systems and processes, as well as boost the company's overall operations.


We are working on SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals) as much as we can.

In addition to goals such as regional development, employment promotion and gender equality, the hotel pays attention to the following points regarding environmental protection.
1: Protection of water resources
2: Saving energy
3: Reduction of waste

From these points of view, there are some things I would like to ask our guests.
A. Please stop the water diligently when washing or showering.
B. For towels that do not need to be replaced, hang them on the towel rack.
(Towels that need to be replaced go into the bathtub)
C. Set the air conditioner temperature according to weather conditions.
D. Do not replace the toilet paper if there is enough space left.
E. If the trash bag in the trash box is clean, it will not be replaced.


  • The Hotel's check-in time is after 2 pm and check-out time is before 12 noon.
  • The Hotel will make every effort to personalize our guest's stay if provided ETA information at a time of reservation. Late check-out requests may be made through the Front Office only, and are subject to determination based on hotel occupancy. Otherwise, 50% charge will apply till 6 pm for late check-out and 100% charge for after 6pm.


  • Every Travel Agency as well as FIT has to reveal the nationality of every guest clearly during the booking time. In case the nationality is not matched as per the identity provided during the booking then hotel will be entitled to charge the tariff accordingly which later cannot be negotiated.


  • Foreigner as well as Foreign residents of Nepal has to show their documents or Identity card for reference purposes during Check-in at Hotel.


  • As per our Hotel's policy, all the guests are requested to deposit at least 30% of the amount as a reservation confirmation fee (non-refundable) and 100% of the charge should be paid before the departure.
  • All reservations must be accompanied by a duly completed reservation request by email or calls. Accommodation will only be provided to guests whose details are registered with the Front Office.
  • Guests will be provided with a room key only upon arrival and after completing the registration at the Front Office.
  • It is Mandatory for all customers and their visitor guests to share their ID cards. Foreign Nationals are required to present their passport and valid visa.


  • All cancellation advice must be communicated in written form within stipulated time.
  • Confirmed group bookings if cancel less than 30 days of arrival shall attract 01 night’s room retention charge on BB basis.
  • FITs booking if canceled within 72 hours of guest arrival shall attract a 100% retention charge on BB basis.
  • All confirmed reservations not canceled at least 7 days prior to arrival will be the responsibility of the guest. Cancellations received before 7 days prior to arrival 30% reservation deposit are refundable. If received after 7 days, reservation deposits are not refunded. Please provide notice of cancellation before the stated period prior to arrival to avoid a penalty on room and taxes.

**There are different rules for group reservations (5 rooms or more: Please inquire).

Discount and Complimentary rooms for Children:


  • Children aged 8 and under: All items in the buffet, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are complimentary. However, if food is ordered à la carte, it will incur full charges.
  • Children aged 8 and above but below or equal to 12 years old: All items in the buffet, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are subject to a 50% discount. However, if food is ordered à la carte, it will incur full charges.


  • The Room charge is free for children below 12 years and chargeable if extra-bed is implied.


  • Smoking, Gambling, contraband goods, drugs, etc. – are all strictly prohibited within the hotel premises.
  • Our rooms are non- smoking but we have areas assigned as smoking zones.
  • The Hotel will charge Rs. 50,000/- as a cleaning fee placed on the guest’s folio before or after check out.


  • For any damage done to the Hotel amenities, items or property, guests are liable to make up for the charges in full, and for the amount as seen appropriate by the management.
  • The management will not in any way whatsoever be responsible for any loss / or damage to the Guest's belongings for any cause whatsoever.


  • Housekeeping department maintains overall cleanliness of the entire hotel at all times which will keep the hotel clean interior decoration.
  • Housekeeping staff manages laundry and linen and uses good quality, safe cleaning equipment and chemicals.
  • The lost items will be secured in a locked closet of the front office or store area that has highly restricted access.
  • Housekeeping Staff are instructed to bring items to lost and found areas, with valuables receiving immediate attention. All items received to be recorded in the Front Office.
  • Guests will be informed from either telephonic conversation or email, if a guest claims before us we will return the item as soon as possible.


  • Breakfast starts at 7 am. If you wish to use it early in the morning, please inform the Front Office by 5 pm the day before.
  • Restaurant & Bar will open from 11am to 10pm (Last order 9 pm), and we will close our main kitchen after 10 pm to 7 am.


  • Please do not bring into the Hotel such articles as they may disturb other guests (dogs, cats, or other animals), heat emitting or explosive, malodorous material, articles liable to cause danger or other articles of which possession is prohibited by Nepal Law.
  • Please refrain from shouting, singing, or other loud activities, gambling, actions which may contravene with public morals or decorum, or other activities which may disturb other guests.
  • Please do not use the guest room, the lobby, or other facilities for business purposes (exhibition, advertisement, publicity, sales and others) without permission of the Hotel.
  • Please do not tamper with facilities and equipment in the Hotel, and use them for their proper use.
  • Pets are not allowed on the Hotel Premises.
  • Please do not display or leave articles in the window, on the balcony of your room, in the hallways, or in the lobby.
  • Please make sure that the water has stopped running after you use the tub or basin. If water is left overflowing, it may damage rooms next to yours and on the floor below. In such cases as mentioned above, guests will be responsible to pay compensation for damages and inconveniences caused to the Hotel.
  • Please do not enter the hotel wearing wooden sandals, roller skates, roller-blades or footwear equipped with wheels.
  • We may refuse to offer accommodation to persons who are under aged, who intend to stay in the Hotel without the permission of their guardians.
  • The bathrobes provided are for in-room use only. Entry into restaurants whilst wearing slippers is not permitted.
  • If guests lose a room key, he will be charged Rs.500/- to cover the cost of changing the lock. Guests can move the room table but if there is any damage the guests are liable of Rs. 30,000/-


  • All quoted rates are confidential, non-commissionable and inclusive of all taxes.
  • Check in time is 2 pm and check out time is 12 noon.
  • Any services / items consumed or utilized over and above the package will be charged extra as per the applicable rates to that individual and the amount has to be collected while check-out.

Please refer to these terms and conditions for your comfortable stay.


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