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Hotel Annapurna view is a posh setting located at a height of 1600 meters at Sarangkot.  As our slogan reads, we are literally a door away from the mountains with our rooms offering the view right from your bed. 

Built along the steps of a hill, it offers both a pleasant stay and exhilarating activities. It features a simple and inviting decor that is inspired by the ancient Japanese notion of Wabi Sabi (Japanese traditional beauty). An escape from your regular routine, it is   only a 30-minute drive away from Pokhara's international airport, providing you with plenty of nature along the way making it a welcome change.

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Hotel Annapurna view is a place where ancient architecture meets modern luxury. It feels like going on a vacation without having to leave your home. The stunning view of the mountains, combined with your comfortable stay in our hotel, will undoubtedly revitalize your spirit and leave you with a pleasant impression. 

You will find the same comfort, security, and affection in Hotel Annapurna View as you would at home. The 24 hour security that we provide will help you rest easy. Post visit, you will be left with a unique experience. It is your ideal location for discovering nature's quiet serenity. Hotel Annapurna view has adventurous activities to offer like paragliding, bungee jumping ,a zip flyer and a panchase hiking course that allows you to go around the fewa lake which makes it the prime location for adventure freaks.

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