Welcoming Warmer Days

Greetings from Hotel Annapurna View Sarangkot!

With the winter solstice passed, the days are getting longer, and temperature is gradually rising across the Pokhara valley, and we at Sarangkot are lucky to be experiencing wonderful mornings everyday. Pokhara’s wonderful climate has invited many paragliders to Sarangkot, who are soaring above the hills like colourful birds.

We are working towards the soft opening and our staffs have stepped up their game, and each department has been working meticulously for the big day. We believe that the front desk is the face of the hotel, and they are training themselves to give the best hospitality to the guests. In addition to the kind services in an easy-to-understand environment, we encourage our staff to always be friendly and approachable, and to address every situation with a smile.

We have also been posting a variety of panoramic pictures of the mountains that can be viewed from the resort. One of the primary attractions of the resort being the breathtaking mountain vistas, the guests will be eager to know more about the peaks. To address their curiosities, our staffs from all divisions are being trained to improve their skills as a guide.  

Here is a list of mountain ranges that one can get a admire from resort:

·Annapurna Range
Annapurna means the ‘Goddess of Abundance’. With an altitude of 8091 metres, the French first ascended the Annapurna 1 peak in the year 1950. Details regarding the four other major peaks of the Annapurna range are as follows.
· Manaslu Range
Manaslu means the ‘Mountain of spirit’. With an altitude of 8163 metres, the Japanese ascended the peak in the year 1956. In addition to the primary peak, the Manaslu range is comprised of three other mountains. Here is a list of details as follows.

· Dhaulagiri Range
The mountain derives its name from the ancient Sanskrit language, and it means ‘White mountain.’ With an altitude of 8167 metres, the Swiss and the Austrians first ascended the peak in the year 1960.
8000m peaks and other mountains visible from Hotel Annapurna View:

   Name Altitude First ascend Year Country Meaning
Annapurna 1 8091m           1950 France Goddess of Abundance
   Annapurna 2 7937m           1960 UK/India  
   Annapurna 3 7555m           1961 India    
   Annapurna 4 7525m           1955 German    
   Annapurna South 7219m           1964 Japan    
Manaslu 8163m           1956 Japan Mountain of spirit
   Himalchuli 7893m           1960 Japan    
   Peak 29 7871m           1970 Japan    
Dhaulagiri 8167m           1960 Swiss & Austria White mountain

Till then best wishes from the team at Hotel Annapurna View Sarangkot.In our next newsletter we will focus on our food and beverage service plans and how we are involving ourselves in corporate social responsibility.

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The team at
Hotel Annapurna View, Sarangkot