New Year, New Beginnings!

On behalf of the Hotel Annapurna View Sarangkot family we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2018. May the New Year brings you even greater success in your business endeavors. The New Year also offers all of us a new start and new opportunities to explore and new places to visit along with new things to learn.

We at Hotel Annapurna View are excited with our new hotel as we are in the final preparations for our launch and look forward to an opportunity to host you in this Himalayan Paradise.

On January 1, 2018 Sarangot was blessed with wonderful weather and clear skies offering magnificent views of the Himalays and our beautiful natural surroundings. The scenic location of Sarangkot is no secret and on New Year's Day Sarangkot was the most sought after place to witness the first sunrise. It was an amazing experience that left the huge crowd there is silence at the awesome experience and beauty of nature.

While Hotel Annapurna View is only about 10 km away from Pokhara and usually takes 30 minutes to reach because of this rush to Sarangkot the traffic congestion made it an hour's drive. The slower traffic movement was still appreciated because of the scenic views to be enjoyed all along the way.

While the holiday season of Christmas and New Year are spent with family and friends for hospitality service industry it is the busiest time as staff work hard to ensure a perfect experience is delivered and that families and revelers return with only the best memories.

Our dedicated team was also working to ensure the rooms and outlets were well serviced to ensure that customers had a more than satisfactory experience. Our dedicated housekeeping team takes their responsibility of cleaning the hotel property very seriously and work diligently to meet the highest expectations. With careful attention to details, making up our deluxe rooms (including balcony) takes them about 30 minutes. Their meticulous efforts are to ensure the rooms meet your every expectation.

In the next issue of our newsletter we will share more insights and information about hosting special events for our soft opening. We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Annapurna View and please feel free to contact us for any updates or info you may require.

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